Excellent Courses

It is frustrating that, having sailed for most of my life, and indeed done 3 flotilla holidays as skipper, I find that I can’t charter a yacht or do a flotilla holiday without a piece of paper saying that I can sail. So when, earlier this year, I saw that my sailing club had arranged an ICC course with Portsmouth Marine Training I rapidly booked. All the people there were in the same position as me and needed a piece of paper to say that we could sail. It was an excellent course with a fair amount of banter, much enjoyed by all and we all passed (thank goodness!) That is not to say that we did not learn anything – we certainly did and it was good to brush up on the things we had forgotten

I have just been on a VHF course in preparation for getting a motor boat. Gary gave us an excellent course – I hadn’t realised just how much there is to learn – and Steve examined us pretty thoroughly and again we all passed

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