Competent Crew

This course will enable you to become an active crew member rather than just a passenger!

  • Total course cost £449
  • 5 day course.
  • Maximum 5 Students per course.
  • Accommodation provided onboard.
  • All meals eaten onboard provided.
  • Free parking at Southsea Marina

Course aims: This hands-on course for beginners aims to teach you everything you need to be an active member of the crew. By the end of the course you will be able to steer a yacht, handle sails, keep a look out, row a dinghy, and help with the day to day running of a yacht.

Course content: The content is designed to introduce you to yachts, and how to be a competent and safe member of the crew. It will teach you the proper terminology of sea terms, different parts of the boat, rigging and sails, sail handling and ropework, personal safety equipment, emergency equipment, man overboard practice, meteorology, rules of the road, general duties onboard, and how to row a dinghy.

Course pre-requisites: This course is aimed at beginners so no previous experience is needed.

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