PWC Advanced Handling Course

Our PWC (Jet Ski) Advanced Handling course will develop your skills to give you the confidence go further afield in more challenging conditions. 

PWC Jet Ski

  • Full course price £399 (inc VAT)
  • 2 day course
  • PWC hire, buoyancy aids, and wetsuit use included
  • Use your own PWC or Jet Ski (please ask for details)
  • Free parking at Southsea Marina

Course aims:

Over the two days you will develop your PWC (or Jet Ski) riding skills as well as your background knowledge so you can venture further afield in more challenging conditions. To do this you will use electronic navigation to enable you to plan and execute longer passages in unfamiliar locations. We aim to go out in rougher conditions (weather permitting) so you get to experience how to handle a PWC in larger waves with the benefit of more experienced instructors and a safety boat on hand. We also teach you how to use a rescue board for recovery of people from the water which is ideal for beach and river rescue.  

Course content:

This course covers a wide range of subjects to help you have fun whilst keeping you safe on the water. The course is split into 5 modules which are:

Balance and Stability – focusing on getting you moving around the PWC so you learn how to use your body weight to keep stability when not sitting down. These skills are the building blocks which will help you be at one with the PWC! 

Slow Speed Handling – developing your handling skills for coming alongside, turning in confined spaces, and precise control for when rescuing people from the water.  

Planing Speed and Rough Weather – you will practice planing speeds while standing up, using body weight to help control trim and balance. We also try and find some rougher conditions to enable you to experience how to control a PWC in larger waves. 

Journey planning – You will learn how to use chart plotters to plan and follow routes to unfamiliar destinations. We aim to go on a ‘safari’ passage, getting you to navigate using a chart plotter and buoyage on the water. You will also learn about tides, how to predict them and how tidal heights and streams affect sea conditions. 

Rescue and Recovery of People in the Water – In this module you will practice various techniques that can be used to rescue a casualty from the water safely. You will learn how to get an unconscious person onto the PWC and  get them back to the beach. You will also practice techniques for recovery using rescue boards  which are popular with beach and river rescue organisations. 

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the Personal Watercraft Advanced Handling certificate:


Course pre-requisites:

The course is aimed at people who have some experience of riding a PWC. You will need to have completed the RYA PWC Proficiency course. We would also recommend having an SRC VHF radio license and First Aid certificate, although these are not essential to do the course. 

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